"Tang Qingqing is a mean person." ——More than once in my 16-year-old diary, I wrote angrily. That afternoon, Tang Qingqing, like a proud and arrogant little fox, swaggered across the market in a red and dazzling dress. Against the background of all the disheartened girls, she was like a blooming rose in the green. The girls looked at each other, turned their mouths and eyes - Tang Qingqing always knew how to steal all the girls' attention. My deskmate is the daughter of a small peddler who is proficient in all kinds of secular slang. She attached to my ear and said, "hum, she is a little fox spirit!" She lowered her voice: "I know why she wears so beautiful today..." I clenched my fist and the anger in my chest was burning to explode. I also know that there are two biology classes in the afternoon. She is dressed for Huang Qing, who just graduated, is tall, handsome, bright and humorous, and the teacher, who originally belonged to me. Huang Qinghe is a good friend of my brother's high school. When I was in primary school, he stayed in our house almost every day. Not seen for years, he recognized me at the first sight. He went straight to my seat and looked at me with a smile: "Xiaoman, you have grown into a big girl! You are in this class. How about being my class representative? " I blushed in the envious eyes of all the girls in the class, and nodded softly as I stroked the corner of the table. Since then, I have a mind, is a 16-year-old girl's unique mind.